Providence is a LARP game using Trent Yacuk's Kingdom Come system. It is a game of Fallen Angels and their struggle to survive against the forces of Heaven and Hell and some things in between.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Post by cenobyte on Tue 24 Jun 2008 - 22:36

    Q: What is LARP?
    A: Live Action Role Playing. It's a form of communal shared storytelling, not unlike improvisational theatre, except the actors are also the audience.

    Q: What is Kingdom Come?
    A: Kingdom Come is a Live Action Roleplaying Game about fallen angels. It was written and designed by L. Trent Yacuk from Edmonton, Alberta. The game is still in development, and will hopefully be published in the upcoming year.

    Q: How do I sign up?
    A: Send a message to the forum's administrator at c3n0byte at gmail dot com and let her know you're interested in playing.

    Q: When do you play?
    A: Providence is run as the main LARP at the Flatlands Regional Association of Gamers (FRAG) Games Days, which are held on the last Saturday of every month. Check the game date, location, and time section of this Forum for more information. Or join the Facebook group:

    Q: Are there rules?
    A: Yes. There are rules for LARP. They're pretty simple, but very important. Live Action games have a tendency to elicit fairly strong emotional responses, and Kingdom Come is designed for lots of drama. But we don't want anyone getting hurt or worse. So, here are the basic rules:

    1. Have fun. The most important thing about any game is that you have fun. And in LARP, you get to create and tell your own story. There might not be a big plot hook just for you at every game, but there will *always* be characters to talk to and things to do, even if your character isn't the 'centre of attention'.
    2. No touching without permission. In general, anything more than a basic handshake requires you to ask 'permission to touch'. If you're clever, this can be handled In-Character (IC). Otherwise, just quietly ask aside, Out-of-Character (OOC).
    3. No weapons. This seems like an idiotic thing to have to say, but really. Don't bring your shuriken, your favourite billy club, or your kid's pellet gun. If your character would have a weapon, you're strongly encouraged to make or use props, but please, don't bring real weapons.
    4. Respect one another. Everyone has boundaries. Make sure you make yours known, and make sure you repect others'.
    5. It's just a game, after all. Gaming is a form of entertainment, and it can be easy to get lost in your character or to completely immerse yourself in the story. But at the end of the evening, the game is over. If something has gone poorly, or if your character dies, don't let it bother you. Things change; you can make a new character. It's just a game.
    6. Listen to the Storyguide. The Storyguide is the person or team of people leading you through this adventure. Please don't argue with them at a game, particularly during a scene. If you have questions about rules adjudication or game mechanics, jot it down on the back of your character sheet and ask the Storyguide after the game is finished.
    7. No drinking or drugs. Again, pretty straightforward. You might think you become incredibly witty after a few beer, but chances are very good that you're mistaken. Please don't ruin the game for others; you can go party anytime, but for many people, this is the socialising they choose to do, and they choose to do it sober.
    8. You're not Evil Knievel, so put down that chair. Please don't try any stunts. Your *character* might leap across the room, slide over the table, and dive-roll into a kneeling position to ask for her hand in marriage, but you the player should probably just describe what you're doing. You can (and should) pantomime some actions, but unless you're Bruce Lee, please leave the stunts in your imagination. And, if you are Bruce Lee, I think the Wraith game is up the hall.
    9. You are a smart and imaginitive person, so act like one! You wouldn't be playing in a LARP if you didn't have some imagination. Challenge yourself with costuming and prop design, make-up and set construction. This is your story, after all.
    Q: No, I meant, where can I find the rules for this game specifically?
    A: Oh. Trent Yacuk is still developing the game, and so the printed rules are yet a prototype. There is one book available from the main Storyguide, which you may use during game nights.

    Q: Do I have to wear a costume?
    A: No, but it really helps.

    Q: How do I find out about games?
    A: There is a blog, which is rather like a tabloid rumour mill, which you can find at

    Q: What about if I'm playing a character and I get tired of it. Can I play a new character?
    A: Sure! The only thing to consider is that when you 'retire' a character, you're usually encouraged to have the character die, and you're usually asked to sit out for a month (sometimes the Storyguide will use this opportunity to have you play an NPC)...there's nothing more soap-operaish than having a character who disappeared six months ago come back for some reason. If you're really unhappy with your character, talk to the Storyguide and see if you can't work something out.

    There is also a Facebook Group, which you can join here.

    Also, game information is usually fairly easily found on these Forums.

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