Providence is a LARP game using Trent Yacuk's Kingdom Come system. It is a game of Fallen Angels and their struggle to survive against the forces of Heaven and Hell and some things in between.

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    Post by cenobyte on Tue 20 Jan 2009 - 2:22

    A few notes about combat in KC. This is *absolutely not* a comprehensive guide to combat.

    • There is no "Initiative" in this game as in other games. If you declare an action, you take an action. Initiative is understood as declaring an action, using Maneuvers, using Techniques, or inflicting damage.
    • In combat, you may choose to forego inflicting damage on your opponent and spend a Cinematic Point, which gives your opponent a Potent Hindrance, and in the following round, you may attempt a Winnowing Attack.
    • A Winnowing Attack allows you to circumvent one of your opponent's wound levels. In addition to foregoing damage and using a Cinematic Point, you can accomplish a Winnowing Attack in one of the following ways: Getting a successful Ambush and allowing your opponent to maintain 'initiative' (her action); Brimstone's Dramatic Maneuver (Storm); Using a Firearm outside of melee.
    • Fray combat: a maximum of 4 opponents against a single target. If allies arrive, the group is split.
    • In Fray combat, you engage in one challenge per opponent, but all players roll the die. All characters who are successful may spend Offensive and Defensive Maneuvers as normal, but you only have them for one fight scene. You may spend more than one Offensive or Defensive Maneuver per round, but only one per Opponent, depending on whether you win or lose the roll.
    • Distance: Short - melee range (up to 3.5m/10ft); Medium - outside close combat (3.5m-12m/10ft-40ft); Long - about a city block (12m-30.5m/40ft-100ft); Extreme - anything more than a block (no combat can occur at this distance). In one round, you can move one of these distances if you are unopposed. To oppose a movement action: if you're in close combat, take a Movement action to run away; if you're involved in Ranged combat, you must make a Movement action to run away from or toward and opponent; if you're trying to chase/catch someone you must take a Movement action.
    • Ranged Weapons: Ranged weapons will not cause the Fallen True Death. If a Fallen dies because of a weapon used at range, the opponent cannot attempt a True Death challenge.
    • When using Ranged weapons at short distance, characters are within grappling distance and must use Dynamic Body for challenges; when using a Ranged weapon at Medium or Long distance, characters must use Dynamic Mind for all challenges.
    • During Ranged Combat, characters can take a new action (Take Cover - target can attempt to take cover with anything that could reasonably stop the weapon. Target must use Reactive Body. Cover provides the target with an Advantage over their opponent).
    • By taking one round to aim on an unsuspecting or undefended target, you gain one Advantage. This bonuse is immediately lost if you do anything other than aim or talk.
    • Chase: The runner has the option to use Reactive Body or Reactive Mind (running faster versus running 'smarter'). The character doing the chasing uses Dynamic Body or Dynamic Mind (outthinking your prey). Characters roll a challenge against each other. Whoever wins moves one distance rank. When the Prey achieves an Extreme distance rank, they successfully escape. There are Techniques and Professions that affect distance ranks and movement.
    • Armour gives Defensive Maneuvers, but also give Hindrances.
    • Arhcaic Ranged Weapons (bows, crossbows, etc.) grant one Offensive Maneuver and are only useable at Medium or Long range.
    • Ambush: if your Dynamic Mind is comparable to your target's Reactive Mind, you will successfully Ambush your target; characters engaged in combat cannot (normally) be the target of Ambush; if your target is looking at you, s/he cannot be Ambushed.
    • Ambush removes your target's Initiative (ability to act). You are free to use Manuevers and Techniques as normal. Or, you can choose to forego removing your target's Initiative to perform a Winnowing Attack.
    • "Thugs", the Secular Resource, are not usable in combat. In combat, "Thugs" are understood to be unnamed NPCs. When a named character spends an Offensive Maneuver against a thug in combat, you may inflict a number of wounds equal to your maximum Offensive Maneuvers.
    • Order of events:

    1. Initiative - one player declares an action. If you can't agree on who goes first, compare your Dynamic Prowesses.
    2. Declaration - players involved in combat declare actions. You may choose from: Offense, Defense, Movement, Technique Use, or Unorthodox Action.
    3. Compare - compare prowesses (default is Dynamic Body). Determine if there are Advantages. Inspirations from all sources should be announced.
    4. Declare Dramatic Maneuvers.
    5. Test - the player with the Advantage rolls the die (Advantages add +1 to the die roll). If no Advantage exists, you may choose who rolls.
    6. Declare Offensive/Defensive Maneuvers - the winner of the Test may declare one Offensive Maneuver (deals more damage); the loser of the test may declare one Defensive Maneuver (soaks more damage).
    7. Results
    Unfortunately, one of my favourite lines in the *entire book* may not appear in the new version. The core rulebook does not contain the phrase: Once again, if the players need to deal with Ranged Weapon rules on a regular basis, they might be missing the finer points of Kingdom Come.

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