Providence is a LARP game using Trent Yacuk's Kingdom Come system. It is a game of Fallen Angels and their struggle to survive against the forces of Heaven and Hell and some things in between.

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    Post by cenobyte on Wed 25 Jun 2008 - 11:44

    There was something odd about Regina for many years. There were (or, at
    least, there *appeared* to be) no Fallen at all in the City. Then
    stories began to emerge of a surprisingly large number of Fallen who
    were living in the city, all of them, apparently, Deistical. But
    rumours and 'reports' being what they are, there's no saying what truth
    there is to that story. What *is* fairly well known, though, is that
    about five years ago, give or take, the Horde took notice of the

    They took note in spades.

    It became an ongoing
    struggle just to survive in the city, never knowing from where the next
    strike would come, or when. Many of the city's Fallen, relatively
    recently Awakened, had neither the skill nor the ability to defeat the
    agents of Heaven on their own; it became a race to see who would find
    the newly Reckoned first. The Angels often won.

    Finally, the
    Fallen were able to organise themselves into a basic court system (with
    the assistance of a couple of Fallen from outside the city) and the
    Angels were defeated. At least for the time being. The workings of the
    Court are still somewhat tenuous among Regina's Fallen, though. Many of
    those who survived the last few years simply left. Others remain,
    through a sense of duty, an unwillingness to let go of those things
    most important to them, or sheer stubbornness.

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