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    Sour Times - OrganisingTransportation


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    Sour Times - OrganisingTransportation

    Post by cenobyte on Tue 16 Mar 2010 - 0:43

    This didn't work well this month, even though available rides were posted here and emails were sent to the people who had expressed interest. The problem I think came in a bunch of us not being organised until the last minute.



    If you are *driving* to Saskatoon for Sour Times, please post a message saying: DRIVING TO SASKATOON, and list the number of available seats and how much you will charge for gas money. As the seats are booked, please update the thread.

    If you *need a ride* to Saskatoon, please post a message saying: "NEED A RIDE", and update the thread when you have found a ride.

    The important bit is to make sure you check the Forums regularly in the two weeks immediately preceeding Alan's game, because we had people with room in their vehicles who didn't hear from anyone until they were already on the road, or it was too late to arrange pickups and such.

    Also, *very* few people can accommodate three or more people, so please understand that if you can find a ride, you may not be able to find a ride for your entire Congregation. Also, that you're at the mercy of the driver, who may have time commitments you will need to respect. Also too, although I co-ordinate the Providence game, I'm not able to keep track of everyone who wants a ride/needs a ride, unfortunately. Finally, if you do find a ride to Saskatoon, you will be responsible for finding your own accommodation - this is usually the easiest part of the deal; just keep in mind that if you ask late, you may be sleeping on the cold hard floor next to the furnace, curled up with the laundry. I may or may not speak from experience. I smelled those socks for a week.

    Anyway, yes. Game-travel etiquetted: Make arrangements early, be respectful, make your own arrangements. It's all good.

    For those of you who were chatting in the back, this is what we'll do from now on
    If you have space in your vehicle, post a thread in this Forum (the one you're reading now) with the subject: DRIVING TO SASKATOON, and the details of when you are leaving, how many seats you have, and how much you are asking for gas money. Update this thread as the information changes.

    If you need a ride to the game, post a thread in this Forum (the one you're reading now) with the subject NEED A RIDE TO SASKATOON, and the details of how to contact you. Update this thread when you have found a ride.

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    Post by Edward on Tue 16 Mar 2010 - 2:27

    Contact: messege here i will try and check, and calling ayla since she is usually able to locate me. Thank you all very kindly.

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    Adam Nemo
    Adam Nemo

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    Post by Adam Nemo on Tue 16 Mar 2010 - 10:49

    This is tentative depending on if there are enough people who want rides.

    I have to work Saturdays, and most likely will not be able to leave Regina until after 5. If this means I also have to pick up a bunch of people this could delay the departure time. If there was a central location I could pick up those I am giving rides to that would be best. I will be leaving fairly early on Sunday (Depending on if I get into another 5am debate with Jon, those are awesome!) because Sundays are my day to work on the little things for school that fell through the cracks

    My car fits myself plus three. Gas cost will be $20 per person, and will be paid before we leave. No cash, no ride.

    You can PM me here, or on Sour Times (where a similar post will be made) and I will update both as need be.

    IF I only get one person who wants a ride, I will be pulling this post and just riding with Joey.

    The deadline for wanting a ride with me is One Week before we leave, confirmation of your ride with me is subject to getting me the gas money for the trip. Oh and that is for round trip.

    I will not be soliciting for passangers, if you need a ride contact me.

    Update, I have one confirmed, Anna. So if you wish a space, you have one week before I will no longer accept ride requests.

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    Post by Alex on Wed 17 Mar 2010 - 20:04

    Goin' with Rich.

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    Adam Nemo
    Adam Nemo

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    Re: Sour Times - OrganisingTransportation

    Post by Adam Nemo on Thu 1 Apr 2010 - 22:34

    My vehicle is now full, all three spots are taken.

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    Re: Sour Times - OrganisingTransportation

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