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    Setting Information - Shrouds


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    Setting Information - Shrouds

    Post by cenobyte on Sun 2 May 2010 - 21:34

    The topic of Shrouds came up last night, and there were some questions about what they were, what they did, and what Fallen know about them. I was thinking of something completely different when the conversation came up, so here's the information that any Fallen who's been a part of Fallen society for 10 years or more would know:

    Bee Arr Bee, Setting wrote:Shrouds
    None of the Convictions seem to know who or what the Shrouds are. Their purpose, on the other hand, is very clear. They seem to exist for no other reason than to ensure that humans donít learn about the Fallen. To that end the Shrouds will appear when humans are on the verge of learning something appreciable and do everything in their power to stop them. This includes using violence.
    The Shrouds cannot seem to speak, so they offer no reason for why they perform this task. They will attack anything that stands in their way and only in battle do they not seem mindless. It is believed that something is controlling the Shrouds, sending them right in the nick of time to keep the Fallen hidden from the world. Whoever they are, they havenít revealed themselves yet.
    The Shrouds do a very effective job of keeping humans unaware, although they are heavy-handed. They do not ask for permission and will interfere with the order of a city; as a result, they are both a blessing and a burden to Fallen everywhere.
    The Shrouds seem entirely composed of 2nd Tier Fallen.

    Bee Arr Bee, Codex wrote:Shrouds
    He breaks the spirit of rulers; he is feared by the kings of the earth.
    Psalm 76:12

    Some Primeval Fallen have dedicated their lives to a strange position known as the Shroud. These rare Fallen are not part of any other known Conviction. If they had some cohesion they would likely be given some respect as a Conviction, but Shrouds are mysterious and resistant to diplomacy. The Shrouds possess unique Transgressions which allow them to move about freely, passing through walls like ghosts, with a touch that can chill a person into inaction. Shrouds are very difficult and undesireable enemies to have.
    Shrouds come when Fallen events become public. They deal with the problem suddenly, swiftly and often brutally. The simpliest solution is to kill all involved, including the Fallen responsible for the event. If that Fallen isnít handed over swifty by the Kings, then the Shroud will remain a plague upon the Fallen until the situation is resolved to its satisfaction. And more will arrive to aid their brethren. If those responsible are not handed over within a month (or strong evidence isnít given to the Shrouds as to who the criminal is) they will often slay both Kings. Although sometimes the Kings are merely Crucified and left to be found by their Civitas.
    Little else is known about the Shrouds. They can speak and are intelligent, but they barely converse with Fallen, speaking in dry, cracked voices and in broken sentances when they do. They do not seem to care about other Fallen or the Last Crusade. They will not fight angels or devils. Not even the Remnant knows to what end these mysterious Fallen work.

    So. That's the common knowledge about Shrouds. I mention it now because a couple of you were asking whether the actions that several Fallen have taken recently might draw the attention of the Shrouds. They might indeed.

    Number of posts : 860
    Location : She is overfond of books, and it hath addled her brain.
    Registration date : 2008-06-24

    Re: Setting Information - Shrouds

    Post by cenobyte on Mon 3 May 2010 - 9:15

    Of course, as with anything in LARP, feel free to have your character know nothing about Shrouds. Or to choose not to believe in their existence until proved otherwise.

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