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    Finding a LARP Character


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    Finding a LARP Character

    Post by Cole on Sun 30 May 2010 - 23:04

    I want to make sure that everyone understands that I wasn't angry at Shyla when she brought up playing the same character again in a different game. I do have a bit of an irrational response to what is a big pet peeve, and I apologise if it came across as an attack rather than a strong opinion. I feel that there are other ways to explore unfinished themes than to slap a new name on an old character. I could rant, but I won't.

    When I talked to Jill about this after the game, worried that it was seen as an attack, the talk progressed to how I decide if the new concepts that I come up with are playable and how I know it is time to let go of a character to move on to the next one. I have a flowchart in my head. ::grin:: Let me tell you, it has stopped me from playing many character concepts in LARP settings because they are much better suited for tabletop -- including finding that out in a review after over half a year of LARP play with one fellow in particular, who was then retired.

    Jill asked me if I wouldn't mind sharing my thought process. Without further ado:

    From LARP Flowchart

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    Re: Finding a LARP Character

    Post by cenobyte on Sun 30 May 2010 - 23:25

    That is an *awesome* flow chart!

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    Re: Finding a LARP Character

    Post by Cole on Mon 31 May 2010 - 17:09

    The sad thing is that costuming is usually my limiting step -- as I dislike costuming -- and so many concepts are saved because I can't pull off the look of the character even if I could pull off the personality.

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    Re: Finding a LARP Character

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