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    Public Knowledge


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    Public Knowledge

    Post by Corral on Wed 25 Jun 2008 - 11:51

    I think it might be nice to have a thread where we all post what's public knowledge about our characters.

    Not many of you will know anything about Malicia when the game starts, as she has just come into the city. You will be seeing her for the first time.

    A little digging would reveal that she is an Infernal Justice who has lived in Winnipeg for about 15 years, and was the Black Rook for the last 5 of that. More digging would reveal that she was disliked by many of the Fallen in that city (mainly the Divine) and had been acting for several years as a sort of solo avenger, shaping her own ideas of Justice and forcing them on others. Further questioning would probably lead to the fact that her idea of justice is basically cutting down men who have things or a station in life that they never earned (to Malicia's satisfaction). But of course, in the first game, few of you will know that I am heading for the city, and so won't have done any digging. If you're from Winnipeg, however, or had stopped over there as I know some characters have, then you might know some of that.

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    Re: Public Knowledge

    Post by Keth on Thu 3 Jul 2008 - 20:46

    I like that idea, aso ill give it a shot.

    From several people, or even listening to him for a while at the meeting you wopuld have learned he was recently reckoned, and you might have learned he is a fortitude, leaning heavily toward, but not quite Deistical. Also common knowledge from the meeting would be by simply asking arround is that he has no love at all for the group he personally calls "The justice league" more specifically its leader, (dont remember his name but he was the one with the latin and twin blades).

    For Keth it would depend on where you do the looking. Through official channels (police) you might learn about some small robberies in appartment complexes (almost all above the fifth floor). Few leads would be available, but its determined that the crook always enters from the outside, and leaves the same way. Keth hasnt done anything big, and or stupid yet in this way, so nothing has really come of it, again... yet.

    Another official way, by digging through records you could learn he works casually as a construction grunt, just someone to carry the tools and heavier things from level to level. If questioned his coworkers would tell anything from they think he is crazy (due to an utter disregard for personal safety at anything short of several stories up), or that he is just quiet and distant, if not occasionally prone to a violent outburst once in a while.

    Un officially, if the searcher is lucky you might run into some people that use keth as an infomant, someone to get information they need about someone else. They cant attest to anything particular about him except that he really only works on the small jobs, and has a good knack of not getting caught. This route would also probably give you a way to contact him if you pay off the guy your questioning.

    Off the top of my head thats what i can think of for light to light/medum digging about keth. if you feel like doing more then just that. get a hold of me and ill do my best to get you in the loop. Otherwise, i hope this works for you.

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    Post by sophiel on Thu 10 Jul 2008 - 14:25

    While not overtly social, Sophiel is probably
    known to many of the Fallen in Regina. For the newly Reckoned, there is
    a good chance she was among the first to find you after your ordeal.
    She is usually sombre and silent, contemplating what her next words
    ought to be. Sophiel has been in Regina for many years, although you're
    not really sure how long she's been Reckoned. She doesn't tend to share
    that kind of information.

    Sophiel is the White Bishop in Regina.
    She tends to keep mostly to herself, although she is willing to offer
    her domus to nearly anyone who is in need of


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    Re: Public Knowledge

    Post by Marius on Thu 10 Jul 2008 - 16:55

    Marius has a long history with Regina. He Reckoned here nearly 15 years ago, and it was his residence until the Host came. His ties with the Divine were strained, as he had embraced Malthus' call for an end to the war between the Divine and Infernal.

    During the Host's first attacks, his Domus was destroyed by several angels, and it was presumed that he died the Final Death along with several Deistical who were sheltering there.

    Marius has recently returned to Regina. It seems that he only died the Hollow Death that night, and returned from Purgatory on the other side of the world. He has finally returned home, and has brought a Choir called Serenity with him.

    Anyone who inquires will easily find out his Domus, an older house in the Cathedral area. He has become active in the local Christian community, encouraging Christian charities and volunteer work.

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    Post by Lockwood on Thu 24 Jul 2008 - 2:06

    Raised by the ruthless elite, Lockwood has struggled all his life to distance himself from his upbringing. He has always attempted to put on a brave front, while maintaining a friendly, if sometimes cocky, demeanor. Still, even though he's a moral man, those closest to him have witnessed the strain of the sometimes atrocious choices one in his position has to make.

    That the war with the angels is over is a great relief to him. He is looking forward with cautious optimism to meeting the new generation of fallen who are coming to regina, and finding a place here. Still, the fact remains that most of those who were truly close to him have perished, and perished horribly, in the last conflict. While open to the future, he occasionally seems fettered by the bloody past. Particularly, he felt the loss of his friend and mentor Noriel quite closely,and harbours doubts as to finding someone quite so forthright to succeed him.

    When not involved in the politics of the Fallen, he lives the life of a trust fund kid to the fullest; his plate is nearly always full, and the burners over filled. Charities, fund raisers, public forums and community events by day; theatre, galas and pub crawls by night.

    There's even a rumour going around that he is in a local band - but if so, he has not disclosed the name. And even *if* it were true, he plays in disguise.

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    Re: Public Knowledge

    Post by Cheriour on Mon 4 Aug 2008 - 10:24

    Cheriour, the self-appointed 'Scourge of God', quickly makes himself known to all Fallen by presence and by deed. He is forthright in manner, and rides roughshod over the subtleties of others. He gives respect to those who have earned it, and does not offer to placate the egos of others, which has never served him well.

    Serving the Will of God as a Divine Justice, he seeks to punish humanity for the rejection of Jesus Christ and thus the acceptance of the Sin of Adam. Thus, he acknowledges that there are no innocents, but also that he cannot punish everyone who deserves it. He punishes those who lack the Righteousness that God commands all to possess or the Conviction to serve his will properly.

    Cheriour is formost a fanatic in the service of God's Justice and a warrior as a close second. He constantly seeks to test himself against his fellows, wanting to learn from his superiors so that he can better serve God. He views the world as a series of crucibles, created by God for the Fallen, to burn away the iniquitous and the weak. It is part of his righteous duty to help his fellows escape these fires.

    Cheriour is open about his past as a Canadian Peacekeeper in Rwanda, and his expulsion from Halifax for the killing of an Affection of the Black Knight. He seeks the tests that the Lord will send to the Fallen of Regina, and desires His favour in overcoming them.

    Deus Vult.

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    Re: Public Knowledge

    Post by Molior on Mon 4 Aug 2008 - 14:23

    Molior is a quiet and emotionally reserved man. As a Deistical Temperance, he is accepting of all, but friendly to few. As far as anyone can tell, he has no strong opinions on Divine or Infernal, though he does appear to believe that pragmatics should be more important that philosophy, and his eyes have been known to glaze during long philosophical debates. Those he does engage in conversation may detect an air of sorrow about him.

    He tells of Reckoning in the city of Regina 15 years ago. He has been the Grey Knight of the White Court for as long as there has been a Court in Regina, and has recently become the Grey Rook of the White Court.

    He is one of the few survivors of the long siege of Regina, and if rumour has it correctly, one of the reasons they survived. That he owns and operates a Dojo is well-known.

    In this body's life, it was a simple carpenter, and Molior has continued that profession. He says that he finds woodwork relaxing.

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    Re: Public Knowledge

    Post by Shapurnippal on Mon 4 Aug 2008 - 15:34

    Shapurnippal, an Infernal Hope and 'Court Jester', has a seemingly flighty personality, wobbling between spite and irritability and cheerful good humour quickly. His humour seems to be an undercurrent throughout, though whether playful or purely cynical varies. He speaks plainly when serious, and seems aggravated by those who talk down to him or talk in vagaries.

    He is vocal about his recent flight from Saint-Boniface, the reasons for it, and the general grievances of his life, though none of it seems to particularly bother him.

    Shapurnippal says he Reckoned two decades ago, and ran from his home in Winnipeg before he could be Excommunicated or killed by the Fallen there, who he describes as having fallen from the Codex and collapsed into violence since the Black Rook Malicia left.

    As Jester, he is ridiculed often, and has a constantly changing number of cuts and bruises to show for himself. He appears to bear all of it with a quiet determination and hope for... something.


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    Re: Public Knowledge

    Post by Hack on Tue 5 Aug 2008 - 16:42

    Hack is recently from Thunder Bay, having only arrived in town the middle of June, 2008. He was kicked out of town and branded not long after reckoning for messing with the affection of some of an Infernal in Thunder Bay.

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    Re: Public Knowledge

    Post by Cat on Mon 1 Sep 2008 - 18:06

    Catherine aka "Cat" is new to regina, she origanlly come from winnipeg. She's very shy, but when it's need she can put her shyniss to the side to get whats needed done.

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    Re: Public Knowledge

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