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    The dreams of Edward


    Number of posts : 37
    Location : In the dreams that haunt her both when she is awake and asleep,
    Registration date : 2009-07-01

    The dreams of Edward

    Post by Edward on Sun 4 Jul 2010 - 0:31


    Action: Foretelling
    Writeup: During the month Edward would go sit among nature and close her eyes to let dreams flow and the sight come, drawing on the peace and energy around her to control the timeing of her vision, i would like to try and see something about the angel, and any other possible threats, or about the members of the civitas and any potential danger.

    In your mind's eye, you see many faces, staring at you. You see swirling colours and dark, dark smoke. You see trees, and hear birds amid the electric-feedback sound caused by all the voices. You say something, but cannot hear what you've said. They're *staring* at you. You recognise some of them from the Census you were recently at. There's the Black King. He's closest to you. And the tall, angry one...the Black Knight. He's not saying anything, but you can tell by the look in his eye that he's not pleased. You see others, ones you recognise but whose names you don't know. Some of them are talking to you, or shouting, or something. You can't tell what it is they're saying.

    You're fairly confident they're not going to hurt you. No, that isn't right. You're faily confident they *can't* hurt you. Or won't. But they do. They do hurt you. They are saying words over you, touching you...someone tries to stab you with his sword. You just want to talk to them. You just have something to tell them. What is it you have to tell them? What is it you have to say? They won't hear you. You try to hear what you're saying, but your words are swept away by the feedback and static surrounding you. We can help us. Please listen! Let us help us! Us hunt we like dogs, but it does not have to be so. It does not have to be so.

    It does not have to be so...

    You return to consciousness with these words on your lips.


    Writeup: Consumed with her thoughts on the last vision she seeks another to clarify, her own thoughts needing to find the answer she sits in her house among her brothers if they are there and goes into a trance letting the energy of the world surround her and letting her mind goes blank succoming to the power that eats away at her mind.

    Someone stands in the shadows, someone who seems to radiate a silvery light. The shadows swirl around the figure, obscuring the view of who it is. Images tumble before your eyes: rabbits, lambs, doves, all with some of their limbs cut off. Blood stains their white fur/feathers, and they scream, scream, scream in the darkness. A lamb hobbles forward, one leg missing, the stump dripping blood. Its black eyes are wide in terror. As it tumbles to the ground, *through* the ground, another animal takes its place. The air is full of their screams.

    The animals, and the figure, its back turned, now seem to be walking, limping, hobbling away, their remaining limbs treading on a spinning globe. The globe is enormous; so large that it becomes the floor. The animals' screaming intensifies for a moment, then falls silent. The figure grows still. It appears to be weeping, its shoulders hunched and quivering. Dark blood stains its garments, seeping from the shoulders. "The fall is upon us," says a voice so full of sadness it rends apart your own heart.

    Unable to find the one's in between.

    April 2010

    Story: During her sleep she is tired of being aimless she wants to direct her dreams she wants to help those she loves, and she wants to prove that she is useful, while she does not sleep often due to how busy she is she tries to sleep with direction.

    A chessboard. Pieces are missing. The White Queen is gone. There is no Black Bishop. The pawns are scattered around the chessboard. Eliel sits to one side of the board, Malicia to the other. There are figures behind each of them. Figures you cannot make out. The chessboard has become a pond. The pieces are floating on lily pads. The lily pads disappear one by one under the water, a split-second too fast for you to grab the chess pieces from them before the pieces sink. Malicia and Eliel stare emotionless into the middle distance; both seem unaware of the other. The water in the pond evaporates, and the chess pieces lie in disarray in the mud at the bottom of the pond. Eliel takes a pebble from the mud and puts it in his pocket. A gloved hand appears over his shoulder and removes the pebble from his pocket. Malicia puts a pebble in the mud. A gloved hand removes the pebble Malicia placed. Malicia and Eliel sit with their hands in their laps. The chess pieces begin to move. They are burrowing into the mud.

    May 2010

    Story: Sleep is hard, i am so worried and i don't like to wake up Adam, so i should atleast make it worth while, sleep with direction is better, and I am worried about the Parts Corral and Eliel have i try to focus on them though mainly on Eliel.

    You are in a room with no doors, only walls. There are people inside the walls. You are not you; you are Eliel. The people in the walls stare and stare at him. They reach their hands through the walls and begin to take chunks out of him. The people in the wall have no faces. The walls have no colours or pictures. Eliel sits on a large rectangular dais, his face unmoving. The whispering grows louder. Eliel begins to sing. The hands, stretched on impossibly long arms, pluck away at his skin, which has turned to bark.

    Number of posts : 37
    Location : In the dreams that haunt her both when she is awake and asleep,
    Registration date : 2009-07-01

    Re: The dreams of Edward

    Post by Edward on Sun 4 Jul 2010 - 0:32

    There are some missing and they were pretty amazingly written, also ignore the typo's some i was tired, others i was just stupid. Razz

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