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    Addition to Downtime Submission


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    Addition to Downtime Submission

    Post by cenobyte on Wed 26 May 2010 - 13:36

    Hi all,

    This will also be sent out via email, so you're sure to get it.

    In all of your future downtime submissions, I will require an additional line to the required form. Currently, your downtime should be submitted as follows:

    Action: (indicate the Action you are taking, using the list in the BRB)
    Effort: (Indicate how much Effort you are allocating to this action)
    Safety: (Indicate whether your action is Reckless or Cautious. If this indication is not present, I will assume it's a default safety)
    Secular Power: (Indicate how much Secular Power you're devoting to this action - also, please indicate how much is Temporary Secular Power)
    Profession: (Indicate which, if any, Professions you will be accessing on this action)
    Resources: (Indicate which, if any, Resources you allocate to this action. Also indicate whether the Resources you're using are Temporary)
    Writeup: (optional. You can get bonus Marks during downtime for your writeups)

    **If your downtime submissions do *not* look like this, they really should. It's much easier for me to process downtime submissions that all look the same, so that I know where to find the stuff I'm looking for if I have to search for it.**

    The new downtime submission should look like this:

    Secular Power:
    Defense: (Please include your base Defense. Normally, this will be equal to your permanent Secular Power)

    The addition is that I need you to let me know what your base Defense is; in the event a Hunt, Persecute etc., action is taken against you, it will save me a lot of time in looking it up.

    FURTHERMORE: For Predomination actions, I need to know the area of town you're Predominating. Saying "Predominate the place where that scene took place last month" isn't really helpful to me, because I might have thirty scenes to sort through. If you don't know the name of the area you'd like to predominate, please give me a street address or a specific description of how to get there or where it is. If you also want to include where your Domus is in each downtime submission, that's cool. Not required, but definitely cool.

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    Re: Addition to Downtime Submission

    Post by Corral on Wed 26 May 2010 - 14:16

    1. Do we include just one defense then, or is that somehow part of each action?
    2. You said "normally" this is your permanent Secular Power. Should we be aware of situations where it is not? (Is this in the BRB?)

    Number of posts : 860
    Location : She is overfond of books, and it hath addled her brain.
    Registration date : 2008-06-24

    Re: Addition to Downtime Submission

    Post by cenobyte on Wed 26 May 2010 - 15:24

    1. Just mentioning it once should be sufficient.
    2. If you need to be aware of situations where your Defense is altered somehow, I'll let you know. There are cases where it can happen, such as via the use of Transgressions, Techniques, Vices, Preeminences, etc.. But unless otherwise noted, assume it is your Secular Power.

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    Re: Addition to Downtime Submission

    Post by Sponsored content

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